We are pleased to introduce the brand ORIGINAL SICILY®, a mark that selects, promotes and distributes high-quality Sicilian products throughout the world.
Particular attention is paid to the culinary and artisan excellence realized respecting the tradition and the packaging carefully.

The promotion and sale of our products is through preferential channels and a corporate network on the whole of Europe, the countries of Eastern Europe and North America.
To better evaluate the offer for sale and the market demand for branded products Sicilian ORIGINAL SICILY® on international territory, we also avail ourselves of our qualified experts, Italians, who live and work abroad. The direct advice on the territory and accurate market research allow us to better evaluate in such foreign countries is more appropriate to market a product.

ORIGINAL SICILY® plays an important sales activity of selected products thanks to the active participation in fairs and events, national and international.

E 'you can also purchase the products selected by the on-line sale on our site www.originalsicily.eu

For the purchaser to ensure the quality of the selected products, each product is applied the quality brand ORIGINAL SICILY®.

Research in Sicily made by our team has identified in your product the quality and genuineness susceptible to fall in our sales parameters.